Implementing Zero Trust Policy

  Today’s business networks require a strong security strategy, and zero trust is one of them. However, during the past few years, interest in this strategy has increased. It became […]

Foster a Healthy Security Posture

  Healthcare organizations and providers put a high priority on providing high-quality care for their patients’ health and well-being, but they frequently neglect to do the same when handling patients’ […]

What is SIEM?

A single, simplified view of your data, insight into security operations, and operational capabilities are all provided by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), a type of cybersecurity technology that […]

Cyberattack Defense for Managed Service Providers

Eliminate the cascading effects of MSP compromise that could harm your client’s goodwill and trust across a portfolio of them. Your clients depend on you as a Managed Service Provider […]

Distribution, Anatomy, and Protection of the FTCode Ransomware

The ransomware known as FTCode spreads by way of spam emails and can only run its malicious PowerShell payload in memory, never downloading any files to disk. The majority of […]

Can You Call Your Cybersecurity Approach “Reactive Chaos”?

  The likelihood of exposure to or loss from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other cyber threats is known as a cybersecurity risk. The potential loss or damage to the confidentiality, […]

Cybercrime Doesn’t Recognizes Holiday

Cybersecurity during the holidays is a topic that is frequently overlooked in the excitement of preparing and traveling. But it’s also one of the most straightforward tasks on your to-do […]

Your Cybersecurity Arsenal, SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR

SIEM systems have developed from simple log management to those that make use of sophisticated user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). Today, SIEM platforms play a significant role in regulatory […]

Do You Know Your Cyber Blind Spot?

In the modern world, serious data breaches have effectively become an unavoidable cost of doing business. The probability of a data breach occurring at a company is greater than one […]

Your Voice for SMB Compliance Pains

Meeting regulatory criteria and offering real security that genuinely reduces risk are two unrelated jobs. Here’s how security can be compromised by a sole focus on compliance. If you don’t […]