Saving money is one advantage of CYB3R-X Managed Threat Protection versus SIEM.

Not having to hire more full-time workers (FTEs) will save money for administration

and gradually adjust the SIEM. Important staff can now focus on other tasks. For smaller security businesses, this is very helpful.


CYB3R-X offers time-saving features for employees and there is an added importance of the additional monitoring and knowledge. CYB3R-X’s detection and response capabilities keep getting praised by clients and that CYB3R-X SOC does a very good job of detecting and blocking on its own.


CYB3R-X’s SOC is made up of a team of cybersecurity specialists that perform analysis on things that aren’t as obvious. Considering that many SIEMs come with a lot of noise, you can rely on the SOC team to carry out a lot of the initial analysis to find out what’s critical and what issues are false alarms.


The Carteret-Craven VP of IT Systems emphasized the usability, noting that his team had found CYB3R-X’s Managed Threat Protection to be considerably simpler to use than the company’s prior solution. They have been able to combine cybersecurity technology, including SIEM and network traffic analysis, thanks to CYB3R-X.


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