A Complete Guide To Zero-Day Attacks  

  Software developers regularly explore for undiscovered flaws and, when they do, release a code fix (also known as a “patch”) to address them. A software weakness, on the other […]


Customers will search for an exit after hackers find a way in. Consistent threats, which affect companies of all sizes and across all industries, are striking more frequently and with […]

Are you guilty of any of these PCI myths?

  The payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is referred to as PCI DSS. It is a collection of security requirements created to guarantee that all businesses that process, store, […]

CYB3R-X- San Diego TMT Event  

  Just recently, CYB3R-X, our MSSP joined over 1,000 other MSPs for the biggest event in the IT industry held in San Diego. This event was mainly focused on MSP […]

Maximizing Productivity: Tools and Strategies for Small Business Owners

  Maximizing productivity is key to maintaining competitiveness as a small IT business owner. Being successful and efficient with your time and energy is crucial when you have a never-ending […]

CYB3R-X Managed SIEM

  As the threat landscape continues to evolve and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, organizations are looking for effective ways to protect their data and systems. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play […]

CYB3R-X as-a-Security Operations Center (SOC)

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are a critical component in the modern IT landscape, providing businesses with a comprehensive security solution. An MSSP acts as a Security Operations Center (SOC) […]

Ransomware’s Next Move

  Has ransomware’s genuine impact on business been observed yet, or is this merely a proof of concept? It is not surprising that WannaCrypt and Petya malware have been in […]

Incident Response: Whose job is it?

The IT security specialists who are most familiar with their industry and cybersecurity posture are always a part of an effective incident response (IR). But who is responsible for responding […]

Practices to Consider When MSPs Offer Security Services

  Is partnering an effective way to add security services to my offering stack? MSPs look for partnerships when they lack the resources or the internal knowledge to provide security […]