Four Key Steps To Emergency Rapid Response

  Is it possible to keep security breaches to a minimum? Certainly not, based on recent headlines. Startups like Kreditech, huge businesses like Target, the US State Department, and even […]

Top 5 Cyber Security Threats Every Business Owners Should Know

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Criminals Are Using YouTube Video Channels To Spread Malware

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Benefits of Proactive Security

  New cyber attacks emerge on a continual basis, so it is important to have CYB3R-X to help your business counteract these threats. One of the most effective ways to […]

MSPs: How to Add Security Services Fast and Affordably

Small subcontractors are frequently used as soft-target gateways for attacking large clients, as you’ve probably seen in the news. Middle-tier companies are both appealing and susceptible targets for ransomware. Managed […]

MSPs Versus Ransomware in 2022: Where Multi-Layered Security Fits In

As the year 2022 approaches, the rising menace of ransomware and extortion demands show no signs of abating. According to Infosecurity Magazine, average ransomware demands increased by 518 percent in […]

AWS Outage Caused Major Headaches For Businesses

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Understanding XDR

  The cybersecurity business is known for coining phrases and acronyms that become popular and then fade away before they can be fully comprehended. We understand that rapid innovation may […]

MSP Margins are Becoming Slimmer and Customers Less Loyal

As an MSP, your focus should be on developing trust, strategy, and a reliable partnership. “The average fee MSPs receive for traditional PC endpoint monitoring has fallen for the first […]

Understanding EPP

Endpoint protection platform (EPP) is an acronym for endpoint protection platform. Don’t get too worked up over the term “platform” being used at this point, because that could spark a […]