Just recently, CYB3R-X, our MSSP joined over 1,000 other MSPs for the biggest event in the IT industry held in San Diego. This event was mainly focused on MSP Marketing, IT services sales and succesful growth strategies.

The event’s theme was “Raiders of the BIG Profits”, inspired by the Indiana Jones series. As adventurous as Indiana is what MSPs should be at this time.


Here are the takeaways from the event:


1. Actionable Content

In addition to very successful CEO peers who have transformed their small, barely expanding IT enterprises into profit-pumping machines, sessions were led by real-world professionals who have done what they are teaching. The attendees left with detailed plans, strategies, checklists, and tools that they can use right away to spark lucrative growth.


2. Inspiration in a Success Environment

To be able to achieve your goals in your business,place yourself in a success environment. This event was it.


3. Networking, parties, and FUN!

The event’s organizers provided breakout sessions, happy hours, parties with a godfather theme, daily brunches, and lunchrooms that were great for socializing and making new acquaintances.

Most significantly, the attendees had the opportunity to socialize with others who were just like them and understood them.


In today’s rapidly changing world, the IT sector is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries to be a part of. During this event, the Boot Camp attracted an equal number of CEOs and leaders, marketing and sales-building professionals, and CEOs from around the world. They were able to share insights, ideas and strategies that will ensure their success in the IT sector.


Here’s the list of the speakers, in different tracks, from the event:


Speakers in the CEO track:


  1. Mike Stodola – Chief Marketing Officer, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  2. Will Nobles – CEO, Vector Choice Technology Solutions
  3. MC Pheil – Marketing Manager, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  4. Jeff Johnson – Chief Revenue Officer, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  5. Rusty Goodwin – Executive Director of the Mid-State Group
  6. Jon DePerro – Chief Compliance Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions
  7. Jeff Farr – Head Client Coach, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  8. Paul Cissel – TMT Expert in Residence, Growth & Acquisition


Speakers in the Marketing Track


  1. Mike Stodola – Chief Markeing Officer, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  2. Allison Foelber – VP of Big Red Media, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  3. Danny Hawman – VP of MAP Division, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  4. Samantha Melhorn – Social Media Expert
  5. Ben Hawkins – SEO Specialist, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  6. Wil Beyers – Director of Digital Services, Technology Marketing Toolkit


Speakers in the Sales Management and Process Track:


  1. Ray Green – Sales Expert in Residence, Director of Show Me The Money
  2. Sitima Fowler – Sales Expert in Residence, Founder of Iconic IT
  3. Will Nobles – CEO, Vector Choice Technology Solutions
  4. Paul Cissel – TMT Expert in Residence, Growth and Acquisition
  5. Missy Vega – Business Development Director, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  6. Jeff Farr – Head Client Coach, Technology Marketing Toolkit
  7. Dave Rendall – TMT Public Speaking Expert in Residence
  8. Frank DeBenedetto – CEO, Two River Technology Group, LLC


Here’s the list of the sponsors of the event:


1. Diamond Sponsor:

  • IT Complete


2. Sapphire Sponsor:

  • Threat Locker


3. Platinum Sponsors:

  • Galactic Advisors
  • Opentext Security Solutions
  • Pia Automate IT
  • Quickpass Cybersecurity
  • Rewst


4. Gold Sponsors:

  • Blackpoint
  • Blokworx
  • Dell Technologies
  • Malwarebytes
  • Pax8
  • Pillr
  • Scalepad
  • Sherweb


5. Silver Sponsors:

  • Cloudradial
  • Intermedia Cloud Communications
  • Auvik
  • Nerdio
  • SaaSAlerts
  • WatchGuard


6. Bronze Sponsors:

  • Audit MSP Sales Automation
  • Axcient
  • Cloudli
  • Compliancy Group
  • CORO
  • MSPBots
  • NodeWare
  • Reinvent Telecom
  • RingLogix
  • Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • ThriveCFO
  • Ruby


7. Exhibit Sponsors:

  • Airslate
  • Augmentt
  • BeachHead
  • Black Talon Security
  • CyberFox
  • CYB3R-X
  • Datastream Cyber Insurance
  • Flexpoint
  • Jumpcloud
  • Lifecycle Insights
  • Perimeter 81
  • Quoter
  • Security Studio
  • Techrug
  • Thread
  • The PT Services Group
  • Visionary 360
  • White Label Communications


The right mix of talents is essential for any successful team, but it’s especially important in the IT industry. That’s because the technology landscape is constantly evolving, and companies need to be able to adapt quickly to change. A team that includes both marketing and sales professionals can help a company identify new opportunities and build a loyal customer base. And a CEO with a background in technology can provide the vision and direction necessary to lead a company through these changes.


Here’s the CYB3R-X Team in our booth: