Why We Do What We Do

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

It all started with our MSP business, Intelecis. When Intelecis decided to focus more on security back in 2017, we have seen as one of the leading pioneers of Managed Security Services. Our team created key initiatives to be one of the best Managed Security Service Providers. We grew and expanded, and won the trust of many businesses, and partners from small to medium, whether they had internal IT resources or not.

It was a two-year period of adjustment, and the team was able to aid with minor issues although we are still new in the industry. In 2020, just like other MSPs, the team had a very difficult situation, and it brought a huge impact on the company. A single application that was installed undetected by our security provider, caused trouble to a whole system. One of the ways we incorporated resolved the issue of our security provider and they were able to get into the system again, cleaned up, and saved the day. There is no room for dead- ends for us, CYB3R- X always has a strategic solution to every cyber enemy it faced.

CYB3R-X never stopped looking for new ideas and tactics. The team realized that there are a lot of security vendors that didn’t have a SOC. And so, we developed a team that will constantly have your back, not just because it is our business, but because it is our passion.

“Now, success is about serving people, having the heart to help others…”

Being an entrepreneur is our CEO’s blood but finding the real purpose and significance by putting people over profit makes the business more successful. The first goal in building CYB3R-X was to share cybersecurity lessons we personally learned from experiences. Why won’t we let threats ruin a business when we already know the best solution and prevention?

It may always seem impossible until it is done. Our Technology Management Service relieves the strain of routine maintenance so you can concentrate on strategic duties.

Accountability, teamwork, courage, agility, a challenger’s attitude, an all-in personality, and customer focus are some of our core values. Competitive solutions that were built using traditional on-premises improvements and upgrades to properly protect today’s organizations – like yours!

“Started by an MSP, for MSPs.”

Every business and every sector is unique. Regulations and compliance standards differ. Depending on the sort of firm, threat actors may employ specific strategies. We in CYB3R- X learn about our solutions for businesses in various industries and apply them in a very strategic way.

It’s difficult to pick the best security solution. With free platform access, you can simplify the decision-making process and learn about the main distinctions of what you really need in an MSSP partner.

We understand the industry. We understand the business. We understand you.