How to Protect Your Organization from DNS Attack in 5 Best Ways

Any assault that targets the dependability or availability of a network’s DNS service is referred to as a DNS attack. DNS attacks also include attacks like cache poisoning that use […]

Venom Vulnerability on Cyberattacks

Only a few hours after a serious security flaw was discovered on Wednesday, numerous tech publications began comparing it to HeartBleed, the serious security flaw discovered the previous year that […]

Pay Attention to Events Involving System Access Security

In Microsoft Windows, the Security Log is a log that records login/logout activity as well as other security-related events as defined by the system’s audit policy. Administrators can set up […]

The Real Price of Opening and Running a Round-the-Clock Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Difference Between MDR and other Security Solutions

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An MSSP for your MSP

      Businesses simply cannot afford to have inadequate protection with crimes getting more sophisticated and frequently involving ransomware on top of the already significant damages. Without the proper […]

What is User Behavior Analytics (UEBA)?

User behavior analytics (UBA), commonly referred to as user and behavior analytics (UEBA), is the process of acquiring knowledge about the daily network events that users produce. It can be […]

Advanced Threat Detection and Protection With CYB3R-X

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Zero-Day Attacks, Exploits, and Why it’s Dangerous

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Buy, Rent, or Uber Your Security Operations Center

Criminal action that uses or targets a computer, a computer network, or a networked device is known as cybercrime. Most, but not all, cybercrime is conducted by hackers or cybercriminals […]