Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a security tool that gives you a complete insight into all of your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises data center resources and offers threat detection, analysis, and highly automated reaction. With regard to all the many security tools a company has installed, XDR tools establish a single environment for security analysis. By being able to accept and utilize security telemetry from several suppliers, combining the signals, and speeding response processes, open XDR solutions also promote an open standard. Modern XDR solutions offer three main advantages: AI-driven correlation at scale, increased operational effectiveness, and filling skills gaps.

Companies can no longer choose to address cybersecurity in a passive or reactive manner. Because they have lesser resources and are unable to invest in the newest security defenses – technology or employees – businesses of all sizes are prime targets for hackers.For many organizations, the possibility of combining sophisticated threat detection and response technology with highly trained SOC personnel available around the clock is quite alluring. Businesses are able to make better use of their limited capital and resources and concentrate on their core competencies by gaining increased protection, visibility, and incident response capabilities without adding more personnel or tools.

The CYB3R-X Managed Open XDR platform combines a number of essential elements for strong cybersecurity. With the help of the most recent security technology and managed services from CYB3R-X, companies can increase the size of their security teams, improve threat detection and response, strengthen forensic investigations, and improve compliance reporting—all while spending less on cybersecurity.

With our XDR platform integrated with your current security investments and technology stack, CYB3R-X offers an adaptive managed security solution that scales effortlessly to meet your company’s demands. Our 24×7 SOC, part of CYB3R-X’s Managed Detection and Response, acts as your dependable cybersecurity partner and collaborates closely with your IT team to improve your cybersecurity posture so you can confidently concentrate on your core business.

If you want to see how XDR works and how it can benefit your company, feel free to reach us today at demo@cyb3r-x.com.