Today, April 11, 2023, marks Day 1 of the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp hosted by Robin Robins of TMT. Over 1200 MSPs, including CYB3R-X, join this biggest event on MSP marketing, IT services sales, and successful growth strategies. This event is held at Omni Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee and will end until April 14, Friday.


As a sponsor of this event, we have our friendly booth staff at CYB3R-X in attendance with freebies to give away!


The Sharks, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary, are also joining this event. Attendees will be able to get access to Robert Herjavec’s private recordings on how he grew a $1.2 Billion-Dollar MSSP from scratch.


The event’s theme is “Raiders of the BIG Profits”, inspired by the Indiana Jones series. As adventurous as Indiana is what MSPs should be at this time.


By the end of the event, these will be the key takeaways:


1.Actionable Content


In addition to very successful CEO peers who have transformed their small, barely expanding IT enterprises into profit-pumping machines, sessions will be led by real-world professionals who have done what they are teaching. The attendees will leave with detailed plans, strategies, checklists, and tools that they can use right away to spark lucrative growth.


2. Inspiration in a Success Environment


To be able to achieve your goals in your business, place yourself in a successful environment. This event will be a successful environment to inspire members that stay small, broke, and in constant frustration.


3.Networking, parties, and FUN!


The event’s organizers will provide breakout sessions, happy hours, parties with a godfather theme, daily brunches, and lunchrooms that are great for socializing and making new acquaintances. Most significantly, the attendees will have the opportunity to socialize with others who are just like them and understand them.

Any successful team needs the correct blend of talents, but the IT sector needs it more than most. This is because businesses need to be able to adjust fast because the technology landscape is continuously changing. A company can find new chances and develop a devoted customer base with the aid of a team that consists of both marketing and sales professionals. And a CEO with experience in technology can offer the vision and guidance required to guide a business through these changes.