How CYB3R-X Can Help MSPs

  System and security device administration and outsourced monitoring are provided by managed security service providers (MSSP). An MSSP can also manage system modifications, updates, and upgrades. And that’s what […]

CYB3R-X  Key Business Benefits

    Most security teams encounter challenges when it comes to cyber-warfare that can’t be overcome by more technological solutions alone. A thorough and complete solution is required. Three significant […]

Private Cloud Storage Vs Public Cloud Storage

Today, there is much hype about security while using the internet. This is not just from large organizations like Amazon, Trans Union, or Ford Motor Company. Entities if all sizes […]

CVE-2023-5129: A Critical libwebp Vulnerability

What Happened? CVE-2023-5129 is a critical zero-day vulnerability recently disclosed in the libwebp library, which poses significant security risks across numerous software applications and platforms. Initially reported as CVE-2023-4863, the flaw was […]

What is Security Posture?

An enterprise’s security posture refers to the overall status of your cybersecurity readiness. With tens of thousands of assets in your enterprise and each susceptible to a myriad of attack […]

Why Managed Endpoint Security Eliminates Cybersecurity Blind Spots

  It costs money to have incomplete cybersecurity information visibility. Organizations suffer from blind spots due to a lack of real-time complete visibility, which limits cybersecurity protection and increases risk. […]

Five Myths About Ransomware

Ransomware is a popular weapon for cyber criminals. Worldwide in 2020, there were 304 million ransomware attacks, a 62% increase from the year prior, according to Statista. All verticals are vulnerable […]

How to Overcome Three Major Cybersecurity Budget Hurdles

Success starts with a well-planned strategic budget. Face the fear…now’s the time to plan for powerful yet practical cybersecurity. As the owner of your business’ cybersecurity operations, you’re facing some […]

5 Pitfalls in Cloud Cybersecurity Shared Responsibility Model

    Modern businesses can benefit from the flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and innovation that cloud computing provides. But it also comes with difficulties and risk to security of its own. […]

The #1 Differentiator for MSP’s

  As an owner of an MSP business, you know that security is a massive threat in our industry.  Security is rapidly becoming one of the biggest threats to both […]