3 Do’s and 1 Don’t to Improve Your IT Security

Feeling overwhelmed by the excessive hoopla coming from security vendors? Consider joining the trend after observing the innovation? Many purchasers in mid-sized businesses experience this temptation, which can be extremely […]

Guidelines for Preventing Insider Threats

Insider threats are a frequently ignored danger vector, although nation-state threat actors and external hackers frequently make the news. Only a few businesses, like Rockwell-Boeing, Anthem Healthcare, and Capital One, […]

Cybersecurity Insights that Enhance Security Operation

Black Hat 2019 was a success and a teaching tool for all. Even if all of the attendees, presenters, merchants, and hackers have left, what you learnt in Vegas should […]

Learn Why Data Privacy is Good for Your Business Reference

Consumers have raised data privacy to front-page news and included it as a criterion for brand selection and engagement as a result of numerous high-profile data breaches. Globally, consumers are […]

IT Security: How much should you spend?

As you can anticipate, from 2019 to 2020, the cost of cybercrime climbed by more than 50%. McAfee’s report estimates that the overall cost will exceed $1 trillion and that […]

Protecting Legal Data: 3 Ways MSPs Can Enhance Cybersecurity

Companies look to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for a solution when they are short on time or resources. It is crucial for MSPs and their clients to invest in cyber […]

Is the ELK Stack a SIEM? 

What exactly is the ELK Stack then? Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana are three open source projects that are collectively referred to as “ELK.” A search and analytics engine is Elasticsearch. […]

How the Endpoint Protection Evolution is Changing Managed Threat Detection and Response 

  To complete their cyber threat defense, cybersecurity experts have for far too long been forced to piece together several tech tools and staff augmentation. The end product is a […]

Avoid Log Monitoring Gaps with Holistic Coverage

  According to the Ponemon Institute, it takes 127 days on average to discover a data breach nowadays. Cybersecurity threats are detected early with complete visibility and in-the-moment analysis of […]

7 Threats to Watch on Labor Day

Following cyberattacks throughout the previous holidays this year, federal agencies are issuing warnings about potential ransomware attacks aimed at U.S. organizations ahead of the Labor Day weekend. In a statement […]