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The solution to growing cyber risks cannot be found in technology alone. Get the best of both worlds by solving problems human-led while also utilizing automation and machine learning to speed up response times when every second counts. Together with you, our ISO-certified Security Operations Center (SOC) filters out real risks with suggested corrective actions.


Get Actionable Threat Intelligence ​


Threats are ever-evolving, and threat vectors are also. By utilizing the MITRE ATT&CKTM framework’s rich context, commercial and open source threat feeds, and the insights of our cybersecurity professionals who concentrate on emerging threats, we ensure that you respond promptly and comprehensively. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) provided by CYB3R-X is actionable and customized to your needs thanks to its clear reports and guided remediation advice. ​


Comparison between MDR, Managed SIEM, and SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)


  • Managed Detection and Response – In terms of service, might be a SOC, open 24/7, and particularly concerned with threat response. The provider manages and delivers the software. For threat lifecycle, some only concentrate on attack detection and reaction, while others also involve prediction and prevention.


  • Managed SIEM – In terms of service, this is centred on SIEM software installation, tuning, and updates. This may occasionally include threat monitoring and detection. SIEM software may be on-premises (with remote monitoring) or provided through cloud SIEM. For threat lifecycle, the reactive monitoring of technology that is inputting data into the SIEM is the main focus of this.


  • SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) – In terms of service, there is a 24/7 SOC actively monitoring and alerting. This may be incumbent upon customer to provide. For threat lifecycle focus, this one identify suspicious behavior and activity, assists with incident response.



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