Have you ever given any thought to what might occur if (or more likely when) your company experiences a breach?


Do you have a strategy in place?


In the previous two years, breaches have occurred in over 60% of businesses.


We at CYB3R-X want a data breach to never happen to you. In reality, none of our clients have ever experienced a data breach while utilizing our services.


But we do want you to be aware that, in the worst-case scenario, every firm requires a strategy. If there is a data breach, our PCI and data security professionals will make sure you are ready to respond appropriately.


Ten Steps After a Data Breach


What occurs when you are breached?


  1. A warning from your Bank
  2. Criminal and PCI Forensic Investigation (Not an option and quite expensive)
  3. Suggest Remediation (All items that are NOT in compliance with the PCI standard are included in the final report)
  4. Meeting of the Parties Involved (Auditor, Acquiring Bank, Law Enforcement, Credit Card Companies)
  5. Assesment of Penalty (Fines can exceed $250,000)
  6. Your Reputation is Damaged (Reputational damage to a business may take up to two years to restore)
  7. Assign a Point of Contract for: The Bank, Media, and Law Enforcement
  8. Compile Materials (Logs and PCI Scans)
  9. Proactive approach (30% of businesses still lack planning)
  10. Keep everyone up to date! (Show customers a unified front with a consistent, coherent message)


In the next two years, there is a 22% chance that a company may have a material data breach.


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