As an owner of an MSP business, you know that security is a massive threat in our industry.  Security is rapidly becoming one of the biggest threats to both your clients and your own continued business success. While massive data breaches at well-known national companies continue to make the headlines, the real story is the quieter, widespread epidemic of successful cyberattacks against small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


There are two growing trends that put SMBs at greater risk than ever:

  1. Threats are more frequent and sophisticated, while the attack surface has expanded through cloud, mobile and now work from home.
  2. As large businesses continue to invest and implement the right people, processes and technology to protect their businesses so cybercriminals are now turning their attention to a much more vulnerable and easier targets: which is you the small and mid-sized businesses.

It’s because small and mid-sized companies typically don’t have the skills, the awareness, or resources to protect themselves against today’s advanced cyberthreats, they need the help of a trusted MSP more than ever.

While offering security services is a clear revenue opportunity, it is also becoming the biggest differentiator for MSPs. SMBs clients will favor and migrate to those MSPs who can truly protect them with a full spectrum or complete security package that includes 24×7 threat detection and response.

Is your MSP prepared to deliver the security solutions that your clients need and demand?

Comment below and share with us what you’re doing as an MSP to help your clients increase their security and data protection.