Next-Generation Antivirus Protection

Others Stop at Detection. We Take Action.

Too many endpoints? Consolidate your endpoint security stack for better protection, control and visibility.

Threat Detection & Notification Is NOT the Solution – It is a Starting Point

The Challenge

Today’s threat landscape features constant evolution of in threats sophistication. This radically expands the need to have threat protection in place.


Integrate threat intelligence with ML static analysis to discover malicious attributes of trojans, worms exploits and other attack vectors


CYB3R-X prevents execution of malicious code by enforcing a chain of interlocking protection layers on executed files and running processes.

Managed Threat Protection With Next Generation Antivirus Protection

CYB3R-X NGAV integrates multiple prevention technologies to maximize the points in which standard and zero day attacks can be terminated.

Proactive Defense

Combining threat intelligence with newly-discovered indicators of compromise identified through threat hunts, CYB3R-X proactively protects your environment.

Elite Expertise

Our highly-trained team of threat hunters, security engineers, incident response analysts and ethical hackers has your back 24/7, investigating anomalous behavior and taking action against threats

Continuous Posture Improvement

Every hunt, investigation, and response action results in decision-driving data that is to enhance configurations and automated detection capabilities.



In Action

See how CYB3R-X simplifies breach protection workflows by enabling security teams to prepare, confront and respond to cyberattacks via a single, powerful interface backed by 24/7 security services.

What Partners Say…

“CYB3R-X has really helped us to take our cybersecurity offerings to the next level. Having a SOC do the heavy lifting in the background & being able to have automated and customized remediation are huge timesavers and the product is exceptional. I feel sorry for the hackers now, but not really.”

– Mario DiMarcantonio, Progressive IT Solutions & TMT Producer Club Member

“We are excited to have the additional security experts looking at our alerts, sorting out false positives and false negatives. This is a huge help to us.”

– MSP Partner: Eric Williams, NorthStar Technology Services

“Your team is great! They are extremely quick. That is priceless. Keep up the good work.”

– MSP Partner: Nick Stango, Dataserv