Managed Threat Protection

Others Stop at Detection. We Take Action.

Complete managed security service and platform to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats across your entire business

Threat Detection & Notification Is NOT the Solution – It is a Starting Point


Deep learning analysis stops attacks pre-execution​


Automatic remediation of threats at the endpoint​​


Customized incident response plans and support

Managed Threat Protection With SOC Delivered as a Fully-Managed Service

CYB3R-X arms you with a highly-trained SOC team of threat hunters, security engineers, incident response analysts and ethical hackers

Proactive Defense

Combining threat intelligence with newly-discovered indicators of compromise identified through threat hunts, CYB3R-X proactively protects your environment.

Elite Expertise

Our highly-trained team of threat hunters, security engineers, incident response analysts and ethical hackers has your back 24/7, investigating anomalous behavior and taking action against threats

Continuous Posture Improvement

Every hunt, investigation, and response action results in decision-driving data that is to enhance configurations and automated detection capabilities.



In Action

See how CYB3R-X simplifies breach protection workflows by enabling security teams to prepare, confront and respond to cyberattacks via a single, powerful interface backed by 24/7 security services.

What Partners Say…

“CYB3R-X has really helped us to take our cybersecurity offerings to the next level. Having a SOC do the heavy lifting in the background & being able to have automated and customized remediation are huge timesavers and the product is exceptional. I feel sorry for the hackers now, but not really.”

– Mario DiMarcantonio, Progressive IT Solutions & TMT Producer Club Member

“We are excited to have the additional security experts looking at our alerts, sorting out false positives and false negatives. This is a huge help to us.”

– MSP Partner: Eric Williams, NorthStar Technology Services

“Your team is great! They are extremely quick. That is priceless. Keep up the good work.”

– MSP Partner: Nick Stango, Dataserv