Most security teams encounter challenges when it comes to cyber-warfare that can’t be overcome by more technological solutions alone. A thorough and complete solution is required. Three significant challenges that have been discovered by CYB3R-X, and a novel solution has been architected to address them.


  • Poor Integration of Security Solutions


The open XDR platform from CYB3R-X unifies your existing security telemetry to provide broader attack surface coverage and deeper threat analytics, resulting in increased security visibility.


Open XDR is a type of XDR that is vendor-neutral. Open XDR, also known as Hybrid XDR, is intended to work with other security technologies rather than taking them out and replacing them. As a result, they are “open” to consuming anything the platform is capable of. Examining the number and caliber of data source integrations that the Open XDR platform offers, however, is the key.


  • Lack of Skilled Personnel Bandwidth


CYB3R-X’s SOC does the heavy lifting of proactive threat hunting, event correlation, analysis, and guided remediation for you.


Technology on its own falls short. With our ISO-certified Security Operations Center (SOC) collaborating with you, you may benefit from the best of both worlds. Our specialists collaborate with your internal staff to comprehend your surroundings and proactively counter threats as they arise.


  • Lack of Management Support


CYB3R-X is a force multiplier that restores confidence and control to your IT team while also maximizing all of your cybersecurity investments.


The typical cybersecurity team oversees more than 40 different products, which causes integration blind spots, underutilized investments, and alert fatigue when juggling them all. Another “cybersecurity silver bullet” to adopt and maintain is the last thing you need. With CYB3R-X, your IT stack is unified, the value of what you already have is maximized, and our Security Operations Center’s 24/7 experience is added to your team.


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