With a full-range XDR platform priced with your company’s needs in mind, take the hassle and complexity out of cybersecurity. A single, multitenant platform that combines crucial endpoint, user, network, and SaaS security features into a single service that offers comprehensive breach protection.

To find and get rid of hidden dangers, CYB3R-X offers pre-installed NGAV, EDR, UBA, network analytics, deception, and SSPM. It is surely an advance protection in one platform.  You can also feel less burden as CYB3R-X has a plan to immediately control incidents. Threats can be automatically remedied without personal intervention using configurable playbooks and a range of remedial procedures. Our MDR team monitors customers’ environments around-the-clock to quickly address any suspicious activity and address any queries you or your clients may have. And lastly, multitenant platform that is scalable is intended for MSPs and MSSPs.

Benefits of Partnership for Service Providers

  • 100% Breach Protection

Combining the capabilities of EPP, EDR, NDR, UBA, Deception, SSPM, and CSPM into a single solution centralized log management with capabilities for SIEM and SOAR. You will have visibility of every action, including the execution of files and processes, user logins, the use of installed programs, and network traffic. Automated reaction for compromised user accounts, malicious files, infected hosts, and network traffic that has been controlled by an attacker. 24/7 proactive MDR services are also offered.

  • Less TCO

Up to 5,000 endpoints can be deployed at lightspeed each hour. A single, unified platform that offers the functionality of several products allows for significant cost avoidance. CYB3R-X’S Remedial automation eases support workload. Playbooks for cleanup that are simple and adaptable. Light agent to reduce the need for maintenance allows VARs and MSPs to become multitenant platform MSSPs.

  • Rich Resources for Enabling

CYB3R-X as a Marketing Partner portal featuring webinars, case studies, and customized collateral. When it comes to Sales we support throughout the full sales cycle from knowledgeable sales reps and SEs. You also won’t have to worry with technical assistance with deployment, management, and upkeep as we have comprehensive online learning and in-person, interactive education for training.

A resource-light and easy cybersecurity, that’s CYB3R-X. Everyone may access cybersecurity. CYB3R- X equips small businesses with a complete cybersecurity platform that is so easy to use that it seems to operate automatically.