Security breaches pose a persistent threat to data loss and interruption for organizations today. Due to increasingly sophisticated attacks, an increase in remote labor, and employee sensitivity to subtle social engineering techniques, these threats are growing.

By providing a platform and specialists capable of reducing the chance or impact of successful attacks on businesses, MDR solves the dilemma of an expanding threat surface and continuously developing attacks.


Platforms for endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR), formerly known as endpoint detection and response (EDR), are made specifically to safeguard your endpoints. Endpoint devices like servers, laptops, and point-of-sale (POS) systems are monitored by EDR solutions. Keep in mind that EDR lacks comprehensive coverage and must be integrated into the full security stack.


Extended detection and response (XDR) systems provide a layered strategy that typically detects threats on both networks and endpoints and takes appropriate action. In order to provide comprehensive defense for the entire IT environment, XDR technologies aggregate and correlate information from various security controls.


Platforms for security information event management (SIEM) centralize data ingestion from across the board of the IT infrastructure. SIEM solutions can take a wide range of feeds and log data formats. For instance, logs that contain information about user and application activities as well as the output from security tools.

Your MDR solution must have real-time access to the breadth and depth of data required to perform its duties if you want it to be effective. The best access to the appropriate data is most likely to be provided by a cloud-native solution.

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