Businesses simply cannot afford to have inadequate protection with crimes getting more sophisticated and frequently involving ransomware on top of the already significant damages.

Without the proper safeguards in place, these recurring dangers may easily bring down a company, costing millions of dollars, not to mention doing irreparable harm to the brand. These cybersecurity hazards can be reduced and managed by managed security service providers, which has many benefits over an internal security staff.

IT service providers known as managed security service providers (MSSPs) are experts in providing businesses with cybersecurity monitoring and management services. These services may involve fighting viruses and spam, detecting intrusions, installing firewalls, and managing virtual private networks (VPNs).


Providing AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response to MSPs. swiftly foresee, pursue, and repel attacks! All completed for you. In the eyes of your SMB clients, we’ll turn you become Security Rockstars.

There is no defense that cannot be hacked. Identification and reaction are what distinguish one situation from another. Learn more about our internal SOC and how the CYB3R-X team can assist you in securing the networks of your SMB clients.

The most seasoned security experts in the field are employed by CYB3R-X and have their certifications. Our MDR team is led by a seasoned certified information systems security expert and includes certified threat intelligence analysts (CTIA), certified ethical hackers (CEH), and certified incident handlers (ECIH).

The Managed Detection and Response Service from CYB3R-X offers the following to MSPs and their SMB Clients:

  • Proactively Block Zero Day Attacks. Prevents execution of malicious code by enforcing a chain of interlocking protection layers on executed files and running processes.
  • The XDR platform offers enhanced endpoint, network, and user activity prevention and detection, as well as remediation, to look for threats throughout the entire environment.
  • Attacks on networks can be stopped and detected.
  • Detection of unusual behavior and defense against attacks involving hacked user accounts.
  • False setups, data files, passwords, and network connections are planted to entice intruders to reveal their existence.
  • Operators can optimize their asset management and proactively lower exposed attack surfaces with a consolidated visibility interface that displays all endpoint configurations, installed software, process execution, network traffic, and user behavior.
  • Tools and procedures for cross-environment cleanup of infected computers, compromised user accounts, malicious processes, and attacker-controlled network traffic are available both manually and automatically.

In addition to freeing up your valuable personnel and ensuring you have the finest protection possible, outsourcing network security to an MSSP helps you save money and get unmatched protection, continual monitoring, security specialists, bespoke solutions, dependable support, and security experts.