To complete their cyber threat defense, cybersecurity experts have for far too long been forced to piece together several tech tools and staff augmentation. The end product is a Frankenstein creature that is excessively costly, challenging to maintain, and ineffective to use. Demand for managed security capabilities is increasing as a result, and Gartner states that these capabilities “offer an affordable turnkey service that bridges gaps in security expertise and 24/7 operations for incident detection, response, and threat containment.”

Since the beginning of workplace networking, security operations, or SecOps, have had a clear, if increasingly difficult, mandate: detect, respond to, foresee, and prevent cyberattacks. But as interest in a more aggressive than defensive strategy for cybersecurity grows, SecOps roles and duties are changing. Security executives work to prevent assaults from happening by staying ahead of threats and foreseeing the next steps of bad actors.

The cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) of today ought to be equipped with all the tools necessary to build an effective defense of the information technology (IT) industry, which is constantly evolving. This includes having access to a wide range of cutting-edge detection and prevention technology, a virtual sea of cyber intelligence reporting, and a team of experienced IT workers that is quickly growing.

But most CSOCs continue to fall short when it comes to keeping the enemy—even the simple one—out of the business.

Information security managers can use CYBER- X to manage every stage of their team’s skill development lifecycle on a single SaaS platform. To make sure your team is prepared to handle the most recent threats, screen candidates, onboard new employees, measure your team’s capabilities, establish your skills development program, conduct live-fire cyber range exercises, and identify any gaps.


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