In order to assist security operations teams in increasing the effectiveness of threat detection and accelerating incident response, XDR represents an emerging family of solutions that collect and analyze data from numerous point products.

XDR was created as an alternative to point security solutions, which could only do event correlation without a response or were restricted to a single security layer. It is the development of solutions like network traffic analysis and endpoint detection and response (EDR). By offering an integrated yet straightforward view of threats across the whole technology environment, XDR enables a company to go beyond conventional investigative controls. For better, quicker results, XDR provides security operations with real-time actionable threat intelligence. Here are some things that will make you realize the need for an XDR.

  • With XDR, cybersecurity for all of these areas can be managed in a single spot rather than an IT provider or security analyst referring to separate systems to monitor email security, network security, and endpoint security. In addition to advanced analytics that correlates data from various layers, XDR solutions are frequently outfitted with strong integrations that allow each security layer to communicate with one another. By doing this, XDR is able to identify particular occurrences and events that, though seemingly benign on their own, when taken in context, reflect potentially harmful behavior.
  • Regrettably, most companies handle cybersecurity from a reactive standpoint. When threats are discovered after they have already breached systems, the main focus is on damage management. However, XDR aids MSPs in implementing a far more proactive approach, realizing a stronger security posture as a result. To parse hundreds of thousands of alarms, XDR uses powerful telemetry and automation. This reduces the workload on security teams and allows them more time to find and eradicate real threats.
  • Security teams can conduct more efficient threat investigations with XDR solutions by utilizing data gathered from many sources and security levels. Security analysts may more clearly see the trail of an attack by employing strong automation to analyze and correlate incidents and warnings across the whole environment. It is substantially simpler to prevent the occurrence of similar risks in the future when one is aware of how a danger entered the system, how it propagated, and who it affected.

XDR provides clients with a threat-informed defensive approach while accelerating incident investigation without relying on the availability of human resources. Of course, it is also supported by our superior technical knowledge, intellect, and extensive experience in the field.