In order to find patterns, trends, anomalies, and other important information that will enable appropriate actions, behavioral analytics uses a combination of big data analytics and artificial intelligence on user behavioral data. Numerous sectors and applications, such as e-commerce, healthcare, banking, insurance, and cybersecurity, use behavioral analytics.

Despite the fact that sophisticated hackers can avoid activating many of the rules that are set up in these systems and it can be challenging to identify workers operating maliciously, this rule-based approach is still a crucial component of a tiered analytics security approach today otherwise known as insider threats.

For CYB3R- X, the concern is to know who your enemy is by analyzing user and entity data across an enterprise and identifying anomalous behavior that may be an indicator of a security breach. Establishing a baseline that uses real-time activity monitoring that will give information such as location, frequency, internal and external network traffic, data that were accessed, and the processes that were run. The key advantage is having the information up to date. CYB3R-X rule is to always check on common scenarios like anomalous login, new VPN connection, multiple concurrent connections, and off-hours SAAS login.

As machine learning algorithms advance and data become more socialized in sectors with segregated data, behavioral analytics will continue to be even more beneficial. Businesses have higher obligations to utilize data in a compliant and respectful way as a result of behavioral analytics’ expanded opportunity. Take the leap of advancement in securing your business data, and schedule a demo with CYB3R-X today!