An essential component of cybersecurity is a complete Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Having an ongoing, skilled SIEM function can provide the necessary intelligence for guiding operations, governance, and risk management considering evolving security risks and requirements.

SIEM systems give an organization a comprehensive understanding of its cyber security posture as a collection of threat detection technologies. For identifying harmful behavior and producing alerts in real-time, a SIEM service will gather, handle, and analyze log and event data. To detect suspicious behavior and actively defend against cyberattacks, it also maintains a database of the most recent cyber threats.

Security information and event management (SIEM) provide information about environmental activities as well as a history of them. Security event management (SEM) and security information management make up SIEM (SIM). To enable threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response, SEM analyzes log and event data in real-time. SIM gathers, examines, and presents log data in reports. IT teams may centrally and thoroughly monitor any attacks on the environment by combining a SEM and SIM.

To almost completely remove false positives, a managed SIEM like CYB3R-X’s first expertly optimizes the software. The remaining notifications are then examined by a group of cybersecurity engineers to ensure their veracity. The security team of the organization receives only legitimate alerts. For security teams, this saves a ton of time.

You can rely on the managed cloud and on-premises SIEM with CYB3R-X Managed Security Services to guide cyber security decision-making. Let us help you make a decision about managed SIEM. Contact us.