Web applications and APIs are crucial for today’s always-on digital enterprises and service providers because they enable 24/7 client engagement, the operation of eCommerce websites and customer portals, and growth. Cybercriminals are also focusing on these assets with a public face in order to profit financially or to make a political statement. In fact, web application vulnerabilities have been linked to 43% of data breaches, underscoring the significance of comprehending and safeguarding these crucial company assets. Managing Service Providers (MSPs) must prioritize online application security as a top concern.

Understanding of Web Applications

A web server hosts a web application, sometimes known as a “web app,” which users access through a web browser. Online forms, eCommerce shopping carts, email clients, team collaboration programs, and business solutions like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are a few examples of web apps. Web application protection is integrating security controls into the software development cycle rather than adding them after the fact. Users of third-party software must also keep up extensive patch management and vulnerability scanning in their MSP businesses and client operations to protect against malicious web attacks.

Although Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are a solid starting point, they are no longer adequate to combat today’s persistent and well-funded cybercriminals. Web apps have the potential to gather personally identifiable information (PII), employ login credentials that can be used by hackers to gain privileged access, or act as a gateway for the exfiltration of valuable data by ransomware.

With hundreds of software applications being used by the average organization, IT complexity grows over time. In addition to losing revenue, web app attacks can result in a damaged business name, decreased revenue, compliance fines, customer unhappiness, and even defections.

The personnel, procedures, and technology needed to protect against harmful cybersecurity threats and web app attacks are all part of a multi-layered security approach. For today’s unrelenting attackers that start with the simple payout of unpatched systems and known vulnerabilities, CYB3R-X Managed Threat Protection offers comprehensive cybersecurity.