The cybersecurity business is known for coining phrases and acronyms that become popular and then fade away before they can be fully comprehended. We understand that rapid innovation may be chaotic, resulting in a lot of uncertainty and clutter. While it’s great and good to see so many solution providers design new solutions and improve on existing ones, resulting in new concepts, all of this terminology isn’t always necessary to stand apart. As a result, business and IT leaders are left unsure of which cybersecurity solutions they actually require, which are redundant, and which are complementary.

We’re not trying to deceive you. We have a new name for detection and response. The letter “X” in XDR stands for threat detection and response across different security controls, taking into account both endpoint and network activity. Endpoint and network threat detection and response is a logical progression, or possibly convergence, of multiple technologies, most notably SIEM and EPP. You may hear more about XDR, but it isn’t a new phrase in and of itself; rather, it is a useful term to describe a solution that can aggregate and correlate information from several security measures to more holistically defend the IT infrastructure. Just keep in mind that this word does not encompass the specific controls that are present. It also doesn’t indicate that the solution is overseen by a security operations center.

If you know you need to both strengthen and simplify your cybersecurity measures and need the backing of a managed security service provider, check out CYB3R-X to get a better idea of what combination of capabilities will be right for you.